About Us

Our Vision

ISSI’s turnkey approach is our unique difference. As the original packaging distributor to Houston,
founded in 1954, we provide a full service approach. We offer packaging equipment, the corresponding
supplies and the parts/service for your equipment.

Our Values

ISSI sales and technical service personnel are a competent team that will ensure a complete solution to
your packaging and product identification requirements. Our team would not run as efficiently and
knowledgeably as it does without the core values of work, ethics, vision, and mission to help your
business flourish. When you grow, we grow.
We have maintained these values for over 60 years.

Our Mission
Our team of sales and service, consultants can help streamline your production lines and get you the
right tools and equipment to maximize production. Providing you with these tools is our mission,
because we want your business to succeed.