Ink Jet Coding

Industrial ink jet coding equipment is capable of printing barcodes, lot numbers, expiration dates and product information directly onto your products. Our coders can mark on corrugated, paper, wood, plastics, metals and glass.


ISSI provides the complete labeling product line: Labels, Ribbons, Thermal Printers, Applicators and printing Software. ISSI labels and printers can be ordered in Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal format.


Industrial markers are an easy way to mark products that are in your manufacturing process. We stock many of the markers used to mark pipe, tubing, metal service processing and chemical facilities.


Plastic Strapping

Plastic and cord strapping technologies have evolved over the past two decades and can handle basic and tough applications. We offer high strength Polyester, poly woven, cord, polypropylene, tools and equipment for your application.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging will improve the arrival condition of your products. Plastic netting, kraft paper, b-flute corrugated, edge protection, foam wrap, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting and plastic bags cover your products in protection.

Rust & Corrosion Control

Total Corrosion Control can be accomplished with Cortec VpCI packaging products such as sheeting , paper and emitters. Addition chemicals perform rust removal, rust cleaning and rust protection.


Shipping Supplies

Everything for your shipping room, peanuts, tags, packing lists, labels, tapes, security seals, and air bags.

Shop Supplies

The unbeatable cleaning power of SCRUBS® Hand Cleaner Towels remains an industry leader.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping handles the heavy industrial applications, rail car applications, pipe bundling and slit coil containment.  ISSI provides the entire systems, seals, dispensers and cutters, manual tools and pneumatic driven tools for high volume applications.



Marsh Stencil machines, AN spray inks, hand applied stencil inks, mark over ink, solvents, roller & brush applicators and stencil oilboard.   Marsh products have been relied on to stencil pipe, tubing, mark API color bands and stencil export crates for almost a century.


Stretch Film

ISSI provides the complete stretch packaging system.   AEP handwrap and machine stretch films, FOX stretch wrap machines and hand wrap dispensers.



ISSI has tapes for packaging and industrial applications.   Hand applied clear packaging tapes, duct tape, filament tape, masking tape and water activated gummed tape.   Tape applicators can be applied by automatic case sealers, hand dispensers and gummed tape dispensers.