Large Character Ink Jet Printers

Jet-A-Mark 8000+ Series Printhead, 16

Product Number: MI40000654

Available in: Each

Mperia Controller with Standard Enclosure IP54

Product Number: MI41057666

Available in: Each

Mperia V-Link Module Including Built-In Power

Product Number: MI41044911

Available in: Each

QM1610 MSSC Inkjet Printer  - Prints 16 Dots High by 10

Product Number: QM1610

Available in: Each

QM7500 MSSC Inkjet Printer  - Prints 7 Dots High by 5

Product Number: QM7500

Available in: Each

41057504 MPERIA Standard PCM Controller with Power Supply,

Product Number: MI41057504

Available in: Each

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